Friday, September 12, 2014

A week in review

We're in full art-making mode as all the students are currently working on their lessons for Square 1 Art.  Here's a recap of the massive amount of learning and creating that took place in Room 155 this week.

It's all about that bass...
My fifth graders were using their contour drawing skills to create a jazz instrument.  With the help from my supportive and kind music teachers, I was able to borrow 4 jazz instruments (and my sweet husband lent us one of his).  The kids choose which instrument they wanted to draw and we listened to some awesome jazz music as we drew.  It was a very cool experience!

Kindergarten Squared
We reviewed and discussed shapes in Kindergarten.  To start off this project, we created a background with three different sizes of squares.  Oh my!  They had to choose all different colors for their different sized shapes.  They were mostly successful in this endeavor!

All A-Flutter
The second graders learned about silhouettes.  It was fun to see if they recognized images such as this one:  Many of them commented they had a silhouetted of themselves at their house - I love it when they make those connections.  We viewed different poses of birds and after practicing drawing different birds in their sketchbook, they carefully drew their favorite on the painted paper.

Seconds, Please!
Third graders created their final Thiebaud drawing while using their sketches from the previous week as a resource.  They all drew a large dessert while including a horizon line and a shadow.  Kudos!

Hoooo Hooooo
After reading a short owl story, the first graders discussed neutral colors, actual v. real texture, and how shapes can be combined to make a picture.  I had some examples on the board and we first broke down a few owls into shapes as a group.  Next, the students working diligently in their sketchbooks creating really fantastic drawings of owls.

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