Saturday, September 6, 2014


"Painting is self-discovery.  Every good artist paints what he is." - Jackson Pollock

I love to paint.  I love to watch kids love painting.  I love the smell of paint, the slippery feel of it on my hands, the way it ends up on the side of my thigh every day, and even the mysterious way little dabs or splashes can end up on faces!  This week has been full of fun as we've officially gotten the art ball rolling by breaking out the paint.  I find it very convenient to store liquid tempera paint in egg cartons.  I love how you can choose certain colors for certain cartons and how there are spaces available for mixing.  If you are reading this and happen to eat eggs...PLEASE donate your egg cartons to the art room!  Thank you!

Kindergarteners painted around their line drawings.  We talked about how the lines were like fences and we can't just walk right though a closed fence.  We practices painting on the tippy-toes of the brush.  We revisited "massaging" the paint brushes hair as you rinse it in the water bucket (always a nice time to demonstrate massaging your own hair at the same time...and get a kick out of watching the kids doing it too!).  I love these masterpieces.

The second graders had a bright old time as we discussed how lines can show movement.  We reviewed and discussed color schemes.  Students chose from warm or cool colors to use for their expressive line painting.  This will be the start of our Square 1 project.  Check back to see what these cool paintings will become!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

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