Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Art around my school

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times: I love my school.  Walking around this past week, I've noticed lots of art here at State Bridge Crossing that did NOT come from my art room.  We have amazing teachers and amazing students who hold the arts in high regards.  Here's a sample of what I "caught" in the halls today as I took my camera for a quick stroll.

Fifth Grade Painted Pumpkins (they all are from a story!)

Directory Contest (check out ALL of the awesome entries)

Reflections entries (again, ALL really good!)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Square 1 Art stickers are HERE!

Hip Hip Hooray! The Square 1 Art packets and stickers are here.  Parents, the WHOLE packet is for you to keep and enjoy.  The students are really excited about their personalized stickers.  I hope to see them on their binders or lunch boxes.  You could even put them on cards to send to family members!  The information enclosed is so you can have the option of ordering products with your child's art on it.  There are many new and wonderful product this year (along with the traditional favorites!).  Please check out their website (click here) for more information.  For you convenience, you can order online!  If you need any assistance, please feel free to call them (they are based in Norcross and the staff is super friendly and accommodating) or contact me.  Thanks!

Unit 2

It's official.  We've arrived (every class!) to Unit 2.  The main themes of this Unit are Clay (for Kindergarten through Second grade) and Printmaking (for Third though Fifth grade).  The Kindergarteners and I jumped head first into our clay lesson by making a pinch pot on the first day.  I LOVE teaching clay and it was an absolute joy to be around these little artist as they had their first (or close to first) experience with clay.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fourth grade Modigliani Self-Portraits

I love this lesson.  My sweet friend at  Art in the Big Green Room shared it with me a few years ago.  I like this approach to teaching self-portraits because we discuss how Modigliani abstracted his faces.  I think this takes the pressure off the students from having to create an absolutely realistic self-portrait.  It's a resemblance!  We discussed (at length...we had some very insightful discussions during this lesson!) Modigliani's artwork and made a list of the characteristics seen in his art.  The students painted their background with a shade and mixed neutral colors to create a skin tone.  They create their self-portrait using Modigliani features and explored mixing and blending oil pastels to create unique hair colors and designs for their shirts.  I really love introducing the students to a wide variety of artwork.  Yet again, I love how these turned out!