Tuesday, October 21, 2014

First Grade Color Wheel Umbrellas

I saw a picture of this idea on Pintrest last year and really wanted to try it this year.  Because of crazy scheduling lately (a couple of meetings downtown, a doctor's appt., an assembly, and a few student holidays) seeing my first-graders has been hit or miss these past three weeks.  Therefore, it seems like I did this lesson 5 different ways (the order of the steps) to accommodate the absences.  Never having taught this lesson before, it was very interesting to teach it (for only one class!) how I had planned and then to vary and switch things around for all other classes.  I have to say, the two classes whose artwork I think turned out the most successful were NOT the ones who followed my original plan (now I need to go back and remember the order of what those classes did!).  However, these students ALL learned about a self-portrait, the horizon line in a landscape, the color wheel, how to use 6 triangles and create 1 hexagon, and how to mix their own primary colors to create secondary colors.

If you've never seen MY FAVORITE color song ever, check it out: BEST color song ever

A lot of learning went into these cute lesson.   I hope you are dry and warm while viewing these works of art.

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  1. Very fun. I love how each one shows personal expression!!