Wednesday, November 19, 2014

3rd grade Printmaking

The third graders have completed their printmaking lesson.  They learned about the Augusta, GA-born artist, Jasper Johns and how he like to use common objects as the subject matter for a lot of his arts - including flags, numbers, letters, and targets.  We started out the lesson by discussing his artwork.  The students thought and chose some special numbers and letters that they had a personal connection to.  We made the collograph by using pre-made foam letters and numbers and also cutting our own large number or letter and some designs.  The one large one was for emphasis!  We discussed how we had to glue the letters and numbers on backward so they would be printed the correct way.  It was interesting to see how creative and challenging some of the students took this task.   We all tried to print at least three prints.  Some students did more!  That's the great thing about printmaking - by just making one printing plate, you can make multiples of your artwork.  Our final products were titled, signed and embellished with oil pastels.  Way to go, third graders!

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