Thursday, December 18, 2014

3rd grade coil pots

Another year, another hit with the third graders (and with me!).  The students learned (mainly reviewed) clay properties, history and techniques.  Next, they made a pinch pot.  After learning about coil vessels, discussing the difference between functional and decorative art, and viewing coil vessels made by professional artists, they were ready to begin!

I encouraged them to try out a variety of coiling techniques.  These are not terms I've seen in a book, but I teach and demonstrate the snail coil, the square snail coil, the zig-zag coil, the bunny ears coil and the additive coil.  I they are pretty self-explanatory if you look at their amazing works.

We glazed the pots next.

The third graders did an awesome job on the construction.  This is the first year not ONE of the pots had anything fall off during the firing process.  Nice scoring, slipping and smoothing!

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