Wednesday, December 3, 2014

4th Grade Printing

Japan. Mt. Fuji, Hokusai.  These are some great words we discussed a lot while working on this fourth grade printmaking lesson.  The students learned about the Japanese artist, Hokusai, and some of his quirky tendencies (example: moving over 30 times instead of cleaning his apartment!).  Hokusai was a print maker who created woodblock prints.  His most famous print, The Great Wave, was published in his collection of Thirty Six Views of Mount Fuji sometime between 1830 and 1833.
Lots of learning came out of this lesson!  We discussed the moving lines, the parts of the seascape, how to draw a wave, how to draw a moving person (a surfer), creating a watercolor wash background, Styrofoam printing and so much more!  Take a look:


  1. Love these!! The colors really pop!

  2. Online printing strategy- Eight data sheets and one company profile brochure, Set is printed four times over the course of two years, 250 units of each item are printed each time for a total of 1000 units each.