Thursday, December 18, 2014

Kindergarten Matisse Collages

The Kindergarteners and I had a fun time discussing the Goldfish painting of Henri Matisse.

To learn more about Henri Matisse and this painting, check out this fun video by clicking here.

For the room, they started out by creating a "Y" and adding patterns with oil pastels then using watercolors to fill in each section with color.  Next, we created a cylinder for the gold fish (also with oil pastels) and painted the water inside.  We also added salt to create "bubbles" in the water.

Next, we discussed the difference between organic and geometric shapes.  We cut out organic shaped green leaves.  We discussed placement and how to use overlapping when creating a collage.  After making our tables, we added the fish bowl and then put the leaves behind it.  Pretty cool!

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