Friday, September 11, 2015

Square 1 Art

It's time for Square 1 Art!
This is our annual art fundraiser.  Participating in Square 1 Art allows us to continue the same lessons as I teach our Art Curriculum, but the end result can become a multitude of things!  Regardless, your student will come home with his or her own artwork on a page of keep...for free!

Currently, your child is working on the art piece that will be transformed into the stickers (you'll get the original to keep) and perhaps any other memorabilia you'd like to purchase.  The products from Square 1 Art are very high in quality and come in a wide range of personal taste as well as prices.  

Please stay tuned to find out when we have shipped the orders, when they arrive and any next step  you need to take.  One of the greatest parts of Square 1 Art is that once your child brings home his or her packet (with the stickers, original artwork and order form), you can use his or her individualized code to place all your orders online.  Easy!  To find out more information, please click on the tab at the top of my blog or visit

Thanks so much for supporting the arts here at State Bridge Crossing.  

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