Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Fifth grade Op Art

We had fun discussing Op Art and guessing how the artists used shape, line and color to create these fantastic optical illusions.  Then, they used contrasting colors and added a shadow.  Great job!

Kindergarten Fall Harvest

It's fall.  The Kindergarteners reviewed color theory and used secondary colors to create their fall landscape.  Enjoy!

First grade owls

Hoooot Hoooot!
The first graders used cool colors to create a sky and warm colors to paint on their neutral colored owl.  Wow, what a lot of color review!  The leaves show repetition.  I love how each student uniquely placed their owls!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Matisse Cut-outs

The second graders learned about Matisse's Drawing with Scissors technique - the art of creating cutouts.  A finished cutout is not just a messy, thoughtless collage of shapes haphazardly glued onto a piece of paper.  Oh no!  Cutouts take time and thought.  We were careful to add a bold example of positive and negative space with a geometric shape.  Organic shapes were then placed with care and thought next, trying to overlap in ways that move the viewer's eyes around.  Finally, smaller geometric shapes were cut in multiples to create repetition.  I think, even with failing eyesight at the age of 71, Matisse would be quite happy with this lovely and lively artworks!

3rd grade Value Cityscapes

Our third graders just completed their value cityscapes.  We discussed value, tints, shades, positive space, negative space, overlapping and examples of cityscapes.  During the drawing process, one of the favorite buildings the students wanted to make was the King and Queen Buildings here in Atlanta.  They could think of real buildings or create their own.  They had to try to make a cut out to demonstrate negative space at least once.  The windows, doors and any lines were created with gold and silver crayon.  Super work, budding architects!