Monday, November 16, 2015

Doodle 4 Google

I've had such a fun time this past week researching for myself and then sharing with my students the Doodle 4 Google project.  Our fifth graders took two shifts to go to Tybee Island this year, thus I was left with about 13 students in each of my fifth grade classes for a whole week.  I didn't want to continue with our printmaking lesson, only to have to reteach it a week later to the rest of the class.
Introducing an amazing project that I've heard of for years but never "had the time" to do anything with.
I create a flipchart of images and videos that I thought were really informative and inspiring.  You can also do a lot of google searches, but this kept us on tract and left plenty of time for the students to get started on their doodles.
You CAN teach this as a lesson and actually have the students submit their final drawings.  I purposefully did not do that and only introduced the concept and allowed for time to begin a doodle.  I did suggest the students talk with their parents if they'd like to seriously consider entering.   Why not?  Someone has to win!
Here are a few of the videos I found to me inspirational, as well as some of my favorite doodles though out the years:

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