Monday, January 18, 2016

4th Grade Foil Figures

My favorite thing about this lesson is when I have younger students, siblings of fourth graders, come to me in the mornings with foil figures they have made because of their older siblings.  I always hope this means my fourth grade students love this lesson so much so that they talk about it at home and then continue to "be the expert" and teach their younger brother or sister.  I'll never forget one year I had a mom come show me her house literally covered (elf style) with foil figures - in the coffee pot, hanging from the lights, on the mantel.  The kids thought it was hilarious and I was so thrilled they took what was learned in school into their own world.
Prior to the making of these fun foil figures, we discuss the sculpture of Swiss artist, Alberto Giacometti.  His art is fun to have at the center of discussion for kids of this age (and any!).  Next, we spend the rest of that day discussing gesture drawings and how important it would be for any sculpture to be cognizant of weight, balance, and movement.  The kids spend the rest of the day modeling fun gestures and practicing this art of quick drawing.
The final day is filled with creating the foil figure in a specific pose.  This year, I had them add shadows and a background on the mat board.  I am sure this is my favorite batch so far!  Super job, fourth graders!

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