Thursday, February 11, 2016

Kindergarten Blueprints

Borrowing an idea from a fabulous teacher nearby (check our her awesome blog at Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artists ), I introduced printmaking to my Kindergarteners using the idea of a blueprint.  We discussed the job of an architect and how they create the designs for which buildings are constructed from.  We looked at different kinds of buildings around Atlanta and the students pointed out to the main shapes and lines seen in each one.  They made preliminary sketches of their buildings (or houses) using only shapes and lines!  No shading or coloring!  The following day we were ready to stamp out our ideas and create our blueprint.  The last day was for creating our label, rolling it up like  a real blueprint and taking a short quiz!  These young artist created amazing artwork.  I had quite a few students say they wanted to become architects when they grew up.  I hope to go into one of their real buildings one day!

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