Friday, February 26, 2016

Third grade coil pots

I've taught coil pots for many years now, but I always love seeing the different and unique ways some of the students create them.  I think my demos have been pretty standard each year and each day of the week.  I always demonstrate the regular coils and then what I call the ziz-zag coils, the snail coil, the square coil and the loopy coil.  I always do this on a vase-like form.  During the first day, we discuss the difference between functionality and decoration.  Some students get really caught up on this and don't want any holes in their piece so it can be functional.  Other students completely wow me with their totally special and different designs.  I also really enjoy seeing the choices the students make in their glazing.  Check out this years:


a tea pot!  with a lid!

This is how glaze turns out!

tea pot?  beautiful mug?  AWESOME!

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