Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Second Grade Nevelson Assemblages

The second graders completed their study about Russian-born artist Louise Nevelson.  She lived a very eclectic life and we even listened to a few of her talks about her thoughts on being an artist.  We also talked about how artist use found objects to create their art.  We looked at a few contemporary artists doing this (Vic Muniz, he's at the High NOW!  go check it out virtually and then go see the art in person!  For more info, click here) and they started out drawing a big box and filling in fun things they could think of.
We took small boxes and they thought of ways to glue interesting things, in a pleasing composition, into the boxes.  After they dried, we took a class vote and painted all the sculptures one color - monochromatic, and added white to add opacity - a tint!
Check our our cool creations:

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