Monday, April 25, 2016

4th grade one-point aquariums

I admit...I saw this on Pinterest and wanted to do it for our one-point lesson this year.  I loved it!  The students had a fun time with it - learning how to make the 3D world appear on a 2D surface while also being creative about what they put in their aquarium and who viewing their aquarium!  Here are some fun images:

5th grade two-point perspective cities

I always find perspective interesting to teach.  It's hard.  I think the kids get super excited in the beginning of the lessons and then quickly scarred because the steps look daunting to them.  Using a ruler is something most students know how to do but it's another major step to learn if a student does not know how to properly!
That being said, I do enjoy teaching perspective because after drawing the lines, the students can be creative with the assignment and then they have such satisfaction with the end results.
Here are my fifth graders this year.  I must give credit to my wonderful long-term substitute last year who had them add these cool background.  I had them do it again this year and I just love the result.

Friday, April 15, 2016

First Grade Masks

The first graders just completed their lesson on masks.  We looked at a lot of masks from all around the world and talked about the function and use of many of them in their cultures.  Next, the students tore and painted their cardboard piece with either warm or cool color tempera paint.  Next, we discussed how facial expression can tell how the person (or mask) is feeling.  The first graders used the opposite color scheme from their background to cut out pieces of paper for their facial expressions.  We had also discussed symmetry and their goal was to keep their expression symmetrical!  Finally, the students got to add a line of beads in a special place for embellishment.  Great job!

Monday, April 11, 2016

2nd grade shacks

What is a shack?  Why should we learn about a Sharecropper's shack?  We delved into these and other pressing questions as the second graders learned about the artwork of Beverly Buchanan.  We talked a lot about bridging the gap between 2D and 3D artwork.  Mrs. Buchanan made both!  Here's our take on the shacks!