Friday, May 27, 2016

Goodbye for now!

     What a year!  It was my first full year teaching while having a baby at home.  We have all new administration this year.  And, we've started the process of integrating the ARTS into classrooms as we become a STEAM school!  How cool is that?  The students have remained my steady rocks and are continually why I come back to this job each August with such joy and anticipation.  I'm really overwhelmed by the love, I hope, my students have for me and the love, I know, I have for each of them.

     This summer,  I'm going back to teaching art camp at a super cool place called Out of the Box Studio - but only for two weeks.  We're taking a few trips (including Luke's first plane ride).  But what I'm most excited about is nurturing my own little artist and spending quality time with him, as well as my husband and parents.

     As a parting gift, please take the time to treat yourself to 12 minutes of importance.  It's just 12 minutes, but I think you'll be changed.  Click Here

     I wish many blessings upon each of you and I look forward to talking to you again in August!

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