Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Working on our Square 1 Art

Two weeks ago, the third, fourth and fifth graders stared working on their Square 1 Art lessons.  They are all pretty psyched to get two pages of free stickers that has this work of art on them!

The third graders are working on Wayne Thiebaud desserts.  They are focusing on filling up the page, using a horizon line and adding a shadow.

The fourth graders are learning about Fauvism (oh, those Wild Beasts!), specifically the art of Henri Matisse and then comparing it to that of his friend, Andre Derain.  We then discussed endangered animals and how we can bring awareness to them by creating art, thus creating a dialogue about them and, hopefully, creating awareness.  We learned about complementary colors and how they make each color Pop!  They have to create a drawing that is up-close and has at lease one part of the animal going off the page.

The fifth graders are in a sugar rush.  Just kidding!  They know they can't eat them!  They are learning about still lifes.  Traditional still lifes are very realistic and are usually of fruit or flowers.  We are spinning this tradition and making a candy still life!  We talked about how to draw the candies using 3d forms, how to arrange a composition, and how to crop your drawing so that we have an up-close image.

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