Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Art + Science + Technology = Rockstar Fourth Graders

The fourth graders have been working on these STELLAR solar systems for a while.  This lesson was jammed packed with learning, creativity, innovation and fun. To start out, we reviewed the term "value" and what it's definition is in regards to visual art.  The students practiced creating value scales using hatching, cross-hatching and stippling.
Next, we brainstormed about what they were learning in their science class.  After our discussion, the students had to fill out an idea page and include two different sketches.  The idea page was for them to flesh out what they have learned and decide, artistically speaking, what part of the solar system they wanted to portray in their artwork. They could portray ANY part of the solar system as long as it fit the visual art requirements (showing value in three areas, one example of visual texture, one example of actual texture, 2 unique objects).
Finally, they started on their artwork.  The key was to make the light source first so they could accurately create the value on the three geometric forms (most choose to make these spheres or planets).  Next, they added visual texture using mark-making or texture plates.  The last piece was to add actual texture...with a purpose! Not just stuff glued on at the last moment!
The artworks were looking good, but we didn't stop there!  The student could choose to write a fiction or a nonfiction story about their artwork.  Once they had written the story, they use an app called SeeSaw to take a picture of their artwork (or them with their artwork) and record their story.  Some students also figured out how to draw on their image as they were talking!
Each artwork on display has a QR Code in the corner for passer-bys to click and hear the story behind the work of art.
Whew!  You smart fourth graders created some masterpieces!  The addition of funny stories or informative descriptions is just the icing on the cake!


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