Thursday, January 19, 2017

Getting Zen with Fifth Grade

Zentangles!  I started this lesson in the beginning of the year. The students kept it in their sketchbooks and worked on it if they finished a project early one day.  I finally had enough complete for a board!  If you could see these up close,you'd be super impressed.  They are filled with unique patterns and excellent balance of positive and negative space.  Love!!

5th grade Haring relief sculptures

This year, the fifth graders learned about Keith Haring.  They did a fabulous job taking his images and ideals of peace, love, and acceptance and turning them into a unique composition.  The really got the hang of using negative space and overlapping to their advantage in preparation for covering the tag board and creating the relief sculpture.  Awesome work, superstars!



Monday, January 16, 2017

Fourth grade radial printmaking

The fourth graders just finished up their printmaking lesson and created some eye-opening artwork!   We discussed the Rose Windows found in Gothic Architecture and the definition of radial symmetry.  The students made paintings using analogous colors and then printed their design on top four times.  Groovy and cool!