Thursday, May 4, 2017

First grade self-portraits

The first graders had a lot of fun and leaned a lot during this lesson.  We started off by discussing how you can use math to divide the face up as a way to get the right size facial features.  Next, they drew and Sharpied a picture of themselves - a self portrait!  We also looked at some famous self portraits while comparing and contrasting them. This helped students to decide what they wanted in their background.  The students mixed their own skin tones and used fun-colored tempera paint for the rest.  I love seeing the striking similarities between the artwork and the real students!  Great job, first graders!

2nd grade Kind chalk hearts

I saw this idea on Cassie Stephen's website and just loved the idea, the production and the contemporary artists she references.  Now, my second graders also know about James Goldcrown (jgoldcrown).  We looked at his super cool art and then made overlapping hearts using chalk pastels.  Next, the students brainstormed adjectives for the word "kind".  Once they chose their favorite, they practiced writing it in different ways (like a computer has different fonts).  They chose their final, favorite word and replicated it on large neon paper which was glued on top of the pastel hearts.  How lovely!


First grade turtle weavings

This was a fun lesson to try.  The first graders made their own loom out of craft sticks.  Next, we did a cool weaving technique to make it look like a shell.  They added the eyes and mouth at the end.  Of course, a turtle needs a home, so they also made a habitat. Yeah!