Thursday, May 4, 2017

Kindergarten Paper Playscapes

I made this lesson longer than usual and incorporated a few extra review and new standards.  I think the students and I both felt like it was a more meaningful lesson - not just a drawn out one!  Yeah for changes that work!
We started out by really emphasizing the difference between a 2D shape and a 3D form.  We made a work of art that demonstrates this knowledge.
Next, the students used tints and shades to paint the base of their sculpture.  Wait...what's a sculpture????  We talked a lot about this and looked at images of play - roller coaster, playgrounds, etc. We also discussed different ways of bending paper (folding and gluing) so that our patterned strips of paper would adhere to our base.  Oh, the stories they told of their final artworks!  Truly precious and inspiring!  

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