Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Two great first weeks

When you have two amazing weeks with your students, you say "AMEN"!  Teaching is not for the faint of heart (or the lazy)!  It seems like a year's worth of administrative action items must take place these two weeks.  HOWEVER, if you love the time with your students, you gotta keep remembering this!  You are there for them.  You can get through this.  Teachers out there: Keep it up!  Parents out there:  Thank you for your sweet and funny students.  To the school staff our there:  Thanks for working and making this a team effort.

Whew.  My classes have been so fun and so rewarding.  I truly love spending these 45 minutes with these students.  We did some cool "two-week" lessons (some of which turned into sketchbook lessons to work on throughout the year (and two of which I'll make a bulletin board with soon).

Here's some images.




  1. Those kids sure are having a lot of fun with this. I am a teacher myself and I think I will try this out in my class. Thanks for sharing the idea.

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