Monday, March 5, 2018

Still life a la Paul Cezanne

These fantastic still lifes were created by our first grade artists.  I haven't taught this lesson in a really long time and I was conflicted over how I wanted to product to look when complete.  So, I did them both ways!  Two classes created stencils, made their composition, and finished them up with paint, adding patterns to the table and the wall.  Two classes created their stencils, made fruit on separate papers using their stencils and oil pastels, created a symmetrical bowl using funky paper, put their composition together, then added crayon resists to create the wallpaper and the table. 

The first two classes loved using paint on the large painting.  These last two classes got the added benefit of teaching (reviewing in many cases) symmetry and collage.  The last two classes took an extra day, but that worked extremely well because the days were all mixed up due to many unforeseen weather days and a foreseen school holiday. 

All of the first graders learned about Paul Cezanne, compared and contrasted his artwork (portraits, landscapes and still lifes) and delved deeper in to analyzing his fruit still lifes. 

What do you think? 


Check out these highlights!  All on his own!

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