Friday, April 20, 2018

2nd grade Matisse Cut-outs

     The super second graders completed their colorful collages focusing on the artwork of Henri Matisse.  We learned a lot about this talented artist.  The students really enjoyed learning about his life, the different kinds of art he created, and why he changed art styles. 
     This lesson was jam-packed with learning however was so much fun - how awesome is art!  The students created organic shapes using scissors (just like Matisse) and kept both the positive and negative space pieces.  Once they chose a colorful background, the students worked carefully to create an interesting composition using overlapping of both positive and negative space pieces and being mindful of the overall space.  We called this part of the lesson "putting the puzzle pieces together".  I encouraged them to take their time to move the pieces around to find a pleasing composition.  After gluing down these larger pieces, the students tried to find a color that was not already in their artwork and cut out smaller geometric pieces.  This time, they took the viewer on a journey with their eye in the way they placed these smaller pieces. 
     Just breathtaking, sweet and smart second graders!

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