Friday, April 13, 2018

First grade cityscape stamping

The first graders review stamping in this multimedia lesson.  We talked about cityscapes, different kinds of architectural details on buildings, and looked at some buildings that are famous to our nearest big city, Atlanta.  The students used great detail to create awesome cityscape drawings.  These became the sketches for our stamping.  To try something new out, we used a gluey mixture to add a variety of fun paper to our watercolor paper first.  I loved how carefully some of our artists used the stamps to emulate their sketch.  This was similar to how an architect uses his or her blueprint when creating their designs.  Most of the classes ended the lesson with the super fun and funny book, Iggy Peck,  Architect.  Great job, artists!

Teachers out there:  If I do this again, I think I will stick to only colored tissue paper.  The patterned and origami paper made the overall thickness of the paper a little cumbersome to stamp neatly on.  Just a suggestion!

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