Art Curriculum

     Fulton County is a great place to live because we have an amazing Art Department!  Each student in Fulton County is required to have a visual art class for 45 minutes a week. During this creative time, the students use a variety of media to learn about art history and participate in art criticism while creating personal and meaningful works of art.

Part of the Fulton County Art Department's Philosophy includes:

The well-educated person is conversant with a breadth of ideas about:

• functions and styles of art in a wide range of cultures and societies

• influences, impact, and relationships of art to events and the human condition throughout history

• purposes, functions, and theories of art and artists in society

• knowledge, application and use of a variety of art media, skills, techniques, and processes.

To read the full philosophy or for more information about the art department in Fulton County, click on the link below.

     Students are given a grade in art class. Grading in my class is based on learning assessments and participation. I expect students to be actively engaged during class and to meet the daily standards. Beautiful artwork is to be treasured and I encourage natural artistic talent, however, I am much more please with students who follow the guidelines and try their hardest.

More details about grading from Fulton County include:

K- 5

General guidelines for subject grades kindergarten – grade 5 are explained in item B; guidelines for conduct grades in item C.  Grades will be reported at 9, 18, 27 and 36 weeks. 


For Kindergarten
   & 1st grades:
Academic Symbols
Non-Academic Symbols
S          Satisfactory
N         Needs to Improve
U         Unsatisfactory
NG      No Grade
S  Satisfactory
N  Needs to Improve
U  Unsatisfactory

For grades 2 – 5:
Academic Symbols
Non-Academic Symbols
A         Excellent - 90 and above  
B         Satisfactory - 80-89
C         Needs to Improve - 70-79
F          Failing - below 70
NG      No Grade
S  Satisfactory
N  Needs to Improve
U  Unsatisfactory

      Three points excerpted from administrative procedures for Board policy IHA, grading and reporting system, effective June 10, 2004, are stated as follows:

A.              Grading Practices
2.     Kindergarten-5:  Students receive … a report card at the end of each nine weeks.
3.        The minimum number of grades used to determine the final grade should be nine per semester, per subject area.
4.        Numeric grades do not appear on report cards …but teachers may maintain them in gradebooks to help them to determine letter grades.
     How can we have a great art class is there is a behavior issue? I do not expect to have behavior is so much fun! However, should a student's behavior interfere with the learning of others then I have a 4-part behavior system.

1 - verbal warning

2 - time out from art in the art classroom

3 - note or call home

4 - removal from art

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