Wish List

By nature of this field, we are always using things!  Most of the items I can purchase, but sometimes art project materials or materials for classroom procedures need to be recycled from home.  I'll update this list often as I see what exact special materials might be fun to have around. 

If you have any of these, would like to donate any of these, or have any other items you think we could use in the art room, please bring them by or drop them off for me in the front office. 

Everything is appreciated!

Egg cartons
Bubble wrap
Animal magazines
Wallpaper books
Clorox wipes
Large Ziploc bags
CDs (data or music)
Garlic Press (old is okay!)
Old (but functioning) digital cameras
Pool noodles
Cheese slicers (for me to use for clay)
Gardening gloves
Plastic dog bowls (double ones are the best)

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